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Note: This listing of research instruments is far from complete, and wants to be no more than an initial introduction to bibliographical and historical studies concerning the Franciscan order. For partly more encompassing introductions, see in particular Ermenegildo Frascadore & Herwig Ooms, 'Bibliographia delle bibliografie francescane', AFH, 57 (1964), 311-366, 433-518; 58 (1965), 89-136, 417-536; 60 (1967), 116-209, as well as the many volumes of the Collectanea Franciscana Bibliographia Franciscana

I. The most important periodicals and serials containing codicographical and biographical information as well as editions of works of Franciscan authors

II. Catalogues/lists of Franciscan manuscripts in specific libraries (also articles on individual Franciscan manuscripts and early printed works)

III. Other important `recentí manuscript catalogues as well as specialized reference works for tracing Franciscan manuscripts and Franciscan authors (in all genres of literature)

IV. Relevant catalogues and reference works for tracing Franciscan incunabila and early printings

V. Works/info on medieval and early modern Franciscan libraries

VI. Papal documents pertaining to the Franciscan order

VII. Statutes (and related documents)

VIII. Other documents

IX. Some major old existing catalogues of Franciscan authors

X. Other old giant reference works on medieval authors with information about Franciscan authors

XI. Major current bibliographies and modern bibliographical guides for Franciscan studies

XII. A few important works with (bio-) bibliographical information on specific themes (directly or indirectly providing information about Franciscan theology, philosophy, education, mission, history, liturgy, music, art, poverty etc. See also sections XV, XVII, and the specific bibliographies on preaching, historiography, exegesis, geography/mission elsewhere on this site)

XIII. Important current bibliographies for the study of medieval culture (and for finding information concerning Franciscan authors)

XIV. Major general dictionaries and reference encyclopaedias for finding information on Franciscan authors

XV. Handbooks and important general articles regarding the Franciscan order, as well as conference proceedings on aspects of the history of the order. (including the history of the various branches etc. For the women, see also the new webdatabase)

XVI Studies concerning particular Franciscan provinces and convents (for archival documents, necrologies etc., see also under section VIII)


XVII General bibliography concerning the history of Franciscan education during the Middle Ages and in the early sixteenth century (up to date until January 2000, with some later additions)