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S. Wubben, E. Krahmer, and A. V. den Bosch
Sentence simplification by monolingual machine translation
Proceedings of the 50th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics, 2012
ilk memphix sentence simplification monolingual machine translation
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S. Wubben, E. Marsi, A. van den Bosch, and E. Krahmer
Comparing Phrase-based and Syntax-based Paraphrase Generation
Proceedings of the Workshop on Monolingual Text-To-Text Generation, Association for Computational Linguistics, 2011
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S. Wubben, A. V. den Bosch, and E. Krahmer
Paraphrasing headlines by machine translation
Computational Linguistics in the Netherlands 2010: Selected Papers from the Twentieth CLIN Meetingfrom the Twentieth CLIN Meeting, LOT, 2011
ilk memphix vici paraphrasing headlines clin
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