Journal Articles by C. Koster

E. D’hondt, S. Verberne, N. Oostdijk, J. Beney, C. Koster, and L. Boves
Dealing with temporal variation in patent categorization
Information Retrieval, 17(56), 2014
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E. D'hondt, S. Verberne, C. Koster, and L. Boves
Text representations for patent classification
Computational Linguistics, 39(3), 2013
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E. Dhondt, S. Verberne, N. Weber, C. Koster, and L. Boves
Using skipgrams and pos-based feature selection for patent classification
Computational Linguistics in the Netherlands Journal, 2, 2012
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S. Verberne, E. D’hondt, N. Oostdijk, and C. Koster
Quantifying the challenges in parsing patent claims
Proceedings of the 1st International Workshop on Advances in Patent Information Retrieval (AsPIRe 2010), 2010
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C. Koster, N. Oostdijk, S. Verberne, and E. D'hondt
Challenges in Professional Search with PHASAR
Proceedings of DIR 2009, 2009
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Conference Papers

C. H. Koster, J. G. Beney, S. Verberne, and M. Vogel
Phrase-based document categorization
Current challenges in patent information retrieval, Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2011
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N. Oostdijk, S. Verberne, C. H. Koster, and others
Constructing a Broad-coverage Lexicon for Text Mining in the Patent Domain.
LREC, 2010
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